Remove vomit from the mattress

Remove vomit from the mattress

Remedy: Fragrance spray, vinegar, tablespoon, cold water, kitchen towels, rags, sponge, soda, vacuum cleaner, washing soda, lemon

Instructions to remove vomit/vomit from the mattress

  • For fresh vomit, there is no one special remedy, since the former stomach contents can be composed very differently. Protein-containing food particles are treated similarly to blood and semen.
  • Loose vomit is best and quickly removed from the mattress. It can also help a tablespoon for chunks.
  • Sprinkle the still damp surfaces generously with washing soda or soda, let dry and vacuum.
  • To neutralize the odor spray on a fragrance spray such as lavender water and leave to air for a few hours.

Remove wine from the mattress

Remedy: brush, kitchen towels, rags, mineral water with carbonic acid, salt, detergent, vacuum cleaner, water

To remove wine stains from the mattress:

  • Fresh red wine stains are dabbed with kitchen towels or an absorbent cloth.
  • Salt is liberally sprinkled on the stains in a layer several millimeters thick. Depending on the degree of color of the salt and the stains, remove the salt several times and renew.
  • Remove after the last sprinkling with the salt with the vacuum cleaner.
  • As with an already dried stain, carbonated mineral water on the now lighter stains residues drip. Brush out with mild rinse water and rinse.

Remove sperm from the mattress

Aids: shower gel, cold water, detergent, cloth, detergent

So sperm is made from the mattress:

  • Fresh and dried semen is like protein containing protein. When cleaning warm water is taboo, because it coagulates the protein and the stains reinforced.
  • The usually only small spots are dabbed while still wet with a damp, damp cloth. Rubbing distributes the sperm.
  • The moist remains and dried sperm are dabbed with a cloth, was applied to the shower gel or dipped in the rinse or detergent water, dabbing. Multiple rinsing and repeating deepen the tissue cleanliness.
  • Any residual foam is dabbed with a cloth rinsed in cold water.

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